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Sometimes a bold, bright design is not always the right solution for a specialty wine or spirit label. Often times a rich, textural material will stand out more and create a more exclusive look. The following materials can provide this look:

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Linen Paper: Linen paper has a linear, cross-hatched texture that creates additional dimension when printed on. The bright white color of the material is a great canvas for simple label design. It is also a great base if additional design elements are to be used, like hot stamping.

Estate Paper: Estate paper has a similar thickness as linen paper. This cream material has a rich, consistent texture that makes for an elegant label. As with the linen material, hot stamping performs well on this material.

Wood Veneer: Wood veneer material is a standout look. This material is made of real wood and the perfect solution for a spirit label. The material itself features knots and tonal wood grain.

Silver Paper and Film: These materials are useful in creating a high-end metallic look on a budget. Through a combination of laminations or varnishes and label artwork, many looks can be replicated.


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