Ferrero Rocher, Nutella’s manufacturer partnered with Ogilvy & Mather Italy , an Italian advertising agency to create a redesign project, Nutella Unica. The advertising agency created a redesign by utilizing an algorithm that was pulled from a software database containing multiple patterns and colors. The result was seven million different versions of unique graphic designs available for Nutella.  Surprisingly, the algorithm veers away from Nutella’s typical minimalistic packaging.


nutella 2.jpg


The fun, eye-popping label is now on every jar in Italy selling as a special edition product. A unique code on each jar qualifies the Nutella jar as an authentic collector’s item. The seven million jars that were placed in supermarkets throughout Italy sold out in less than one month. A creative online and television campaign were also made through the advertising agency based off of the vibrant new packaging.

Brands who are flexible with changing their visual representation can engage with a larger target audience while staying true to their mission and values. Playing with different typography, patterns, colors and boldness are just some of the many aspects Dion Label Printing considers when working alongside our customers.

For companies or organizations who are seeking updated packaging options for their rebrand or redesign can contact us today.

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