New England-Designed Craft Beer Labels That Stand Out

There is a lot of design freedom with craft beer labels compared to other alcoholic beverage labels within the industry, especially when the small, hometown breweries we know and love are dedicated to making their craft beers one-of-a-kind. Craft beer is posing big competition for big beer companies, and the design of the label makes all the difference for consumers. Here are a few New England based breweries with craft beer labels that stand out:


Medusa Brewing Company located in Hudson, Massachusetts: By the look of the Laser Cat Imperial IPA label, you can assume this brewing company has a lot of fun with their designs. The label uses vivid purples and bright greens and the graphic is a cat with laser shooting out of its eyes. Have you seen a similar looking label? Probably not.



Vanished Valley Brewing Company located in Ludlow, Massachusetts (printed by Dion Label Printing): Their No Trespassing IPA has a bright and fun label design made with matte lamination, which gives it an added texture. It’s yellow and gold color palette resonates with its tropical flavors and citrus and melon aromas.



Lefty’s Brewing Company located in Greenfield, MA (printed by Dion Label Printing): This small town brewery uses light-hearted illustrations in their label designs to tell stories behind each beer. Wedding Daze Stout was made special for the brewery owner’s wedding!



Hitchcock Brewing Company located in Whately, MA: This brewing company’s labels look similar across their brews, but each designed label is individual to the beer. Hitchcock Brewing Company’s Angry Sparrow Pale Ale has a monochrome illustration of a sparrow on top of the farm photo you can find on all their labels. The use of red in the banner highlights the name of the beer, especially because the label is primarily black and white.

Is it time for your brewery to redesign its beer labels? Dion Label Printing can help give your brand personality. Contact us today for more information about receiving label samples.

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