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Labels and packaging continue to be an influential part of a consumers desire to pick up and purchase a product. The holiday season can be an opportune time to expand your brand labels and release some limited edition pieces. Even once the holidays have passed, introducing a limited edition product with a new label material or design can open the door to new customers. If you are open to thinking beyond your established packaging, keep reading for ways Dion Label Printing can make your brand shine!


Dion Label Printing has numerous materials perfect for your next limited edition product. Ask to see our offerings of textured papers along with metallic options by requesting a sample packet! Our textured options come in white, cream, matte black and kraft looks. Metallic options can be provided in a paper or film with infinite color and design options. Our label solution specialists will work with your brand to ensure the right material is selected to fit your application needs.


Switching up your packaging design is an easy way to add interest to your limited edition labels. Consider using metallics such as silver and gold for a holiday-themed label or experiment with other metallic accents. Limited edition labels and packaging are not limited to the holidays and can be equally profitable during other months. It's important to keep some properties from your original label design such as the logo, a pattern, or image to ensure it still remains "on brand." Expert Bonus Tip: Design a limited edition label with no expiration, such as using a winter theme rather than a holiday theme, to allow for a longer shelf life!

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