Label Review: Vrai Craft Cocktails


Vrai Craft Cocktails is the first product of its kind, a vodka cocktail comprised of organic vodka, reverse osmosis water, cane sugar, and natural ingredients, wrapped up in a can. Simplicity extends from their ingredient list to their attitude about their company. “We don’t believe in marketing speak, or deceptive claims about what goes into our beverages, if it’s on the label, it’s in the can, and if it’s in the can, it’s the highest quality ingredients we could find on this planet.”




The goal with the packaging design was to portray this simplicity as well. Design Womb, a full-service branding and packaging design studio based in Chicago, Illinois created a fresh, bright look for Vrai. To create this look Design Womb used an airy color palette and flowing lines accented with bright white. Their wordmark uses a script font with a vintage vibe. It is placed on a slant and anchored by the flowy lines of color at the bottom of the can. There are currently two flavors available, Green Tea and Tangerine. The flavors are written in a tall, sans-serif font that balances nicely with the wordmark and the color scheme is based on the flavor; a light, almost minty green for the Green Tea and a soft, peachy orange for the Tangerine. A matte finish completes this breezy look.


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