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Hampton Creek is a food company based in California that sells plant-based foods. These foods include mixes, dressings, cookies, mayos and cookie dough. Their line is called “just.” and they’ve recently come out with a new look.


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The line originally used brown paper labels which have now been replaced with a bright, minimalist look. The goal of this new look is to create a more streamlined shopping experience. Despite the simplicity of labels, the work that went into them was extensive. On the Just Mayo jars, “if you look closely, complex flavors like Siracha and Chipotle, have more complex motion swipes than their simpler counterparts and the presence of subtle marks from the teeth of a knife add dimensionality to the labels.” The swipes are accented by brightly colored backgrounds.

Their Just Dressing labels continue with this simplistic theme, however the background remains white and the images and text are brightly colored. Hampton Creek, “arrived at the right arugula for every scrumptious occasion. Once again, shoppers can take a cue from our hues – bolder flavors bear brighter labels while mild ones have more muted tones.”

The color palette and text used in both lines have a distinctly vintage feel and are a departure from the natural, kraft look that many health food products lean towards.

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