Label Review: GOSIMPLE

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GoSimple is a startup supplement company, founded in 2016. Their mission is to provide health supplements and products in a simple manner. They, “not only strive to create the finest products with transparent ingredients, clear labeling, and all around support, but also to make your health decisions simple.”


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This is reflected in their packaging as well, GoSimple utilizes transparent containers with bright white twist-on caps. Co-motion Studio created labels that are straightforward and concise. The labels feature a bright white base and bright color cues differentiating men’s and women’s products. The font it sans-serif and easy to read. They chose to focus only on the product name and that product’s key functions. For example, the ESSENTIAL supplement for women is coded in yellow. ESSENTIAL is centered at the top of the label with a yellow oblong shape centered below. Each key function: immune, heart, joints, hair, energy, skin, memory, brain, nails, bones, and eyes, is separated by a yellow backslash. The men’s formula follows the same layout but in blue. The GoSimple logo, a black circle with GoSimple in white with two white leaves in the center, is almost hidden and placed to the far left of the front view.

Though the design of nutraceutical labels can go in many different directions, the design of your label is dependent on what your company branding designates. Request a sample packet today for inspiration!

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