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Armonía Botánica of Costa Rica cultivates the richest peanuts grown on farms in Central America to provide customers with handmade peanut butter. This all-natural, organic peanut butter sets itself apart in the food industry because of its product label. 130’s label was created by Gitanos and was inspired by botanical illustrations. Gitanos is a branding consulting firm in Costa Rica that showcase brand identity through digital photomontage, illustration, packaging, advertising and web design. This label was made from scratch as a direct reflection of the product, an artisanal perspective with a sophisticated feel. The artwork is a floral concept representing the peanuts growing and blooming on the hanging floral vine.


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130 is packaged in a clear glass jar with a gold twist-off lid. The top of this lid features a white label with green leaves and a peanut on top. The rectangular white label covers the front of the jar and uses a blossoming border to convey the message: these handpicked peanuts are as organic as our packaging. Playing with different font styles and color schemes gives the label a warm and inviting feel. The contrast between the white label and the black number 130 create a bold appearance.

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