Label Review: Seventh Generation

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Seventh Generation is an eco-friendly brand known for its commitment to a toxin-free environment, creating healthy solutions within your home. While staying true to their brand mission, Seventh Generation has successfully revamped their soap line. Bearwood&Co, a branding firm that specializes in beauty and personal care products, was hired by Seventh Generation to create a new look for their eco-friendly soaps. 



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The clear recyclable bottles contain an easy to use hand pump to release the triclosan-free hand soap. Packaging for these hands soaps were consumer focused, a clean yet colorful design that is on display in every home. The ultra - clear film label around the bottle stays consistent with the clear hand pump that gives this packaging a modern feel. The white typography keeps the bottles pure and simple. Using a clear film also allows for the natural tint of the soap to be viewable through the bottle. The transparent artwork is a reminder of Seventh Generations values of being a sustainable, plant-based product free of dyes and synthetic fragrances. 

When the new design hit the shelves, sales for Seventh Generation nearly doubled. Dion Label Printing provides clients with an assortment of paper and plastic options such as ultra - clear film. We can help make a lasting impression by providing the perfect lamination and finishing touches to health and beauty packaging. Be sure to request a sample today!


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