Are you thinking about getting labels made? Here is more information about the order process for new label projects:

  • Quoting Process: Your order will begin with the quoting process. Here we will find out how you will be using your labels and will recommend the best material combination for your project.

  • Material Testing: Once you approve the material and pricing, we will recommend that you test your label material to confirm it is what you are looking for.

  • Order Processing: After your material testing is complete, your order will be processed by a member of our customer care team. Each new client is assigned a designated customer care rep, this member of the customer care team will work with you on all your future orders.

  • Proofing: Your artwork will be sent to our Prepress department, there your artwork will be reviewed and proofed for print.

  • Production: Upon proof approval, your artwork will be sent to production for printing and finishing.

  • Inspection: Once printing and finishing has been completed, your order will be inspected to confirm consistency and quantity.

  • Shipping: Your order will then be packaged according to your specifications and shipped to your address.

Contact us for additional details on quoting and timelines!


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