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Dion Label Blog

Beautiful & Sneaky Shrink

03/02/2012 by Ashley (comments: 2)

Macadamia Natural Oil shrink sleeves

Macadamia Natural Oil shrink sleeves

On another shopping trip to my local Target store, I came across a product line that’s packaging was beautiful but deceiving. As someone in the label printing industry, we can generally tell when a product uses a label versus a shrink sleeve. When I saw Macadamia Natural Oil’s products on the shelves, I immediately thought they utilized a label with a textured bottle. But imaging my surprise when I picked up a bottle and realized it was actually a shrink sleeve!


Design company, Version-X Design, commented that they wanted to use a shrink sleeve to create an allover natural looking pattern for the bottles. To achieve this look they designed the sleeve and added a green label looking image over the brown pattern for the appearance of a label. I love how the color pallets mesh together for an organic look with the subtle brown background and a nice pop of green with the “label” looking graphics. Upon its release back in 2010, this product was an instant hit and was featured in numerous press and magazine advertisements. Awesome packaging design Version-X Design!


What other shrink sleeves on beauty products have you noticed on the market recently?

Got 2 Be Shrink!

03/01/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

got2b smoothing lotion shrinkgot2b styl tint shrinkgot2b kinkier shrink

got2b products using shrink sleeves

Last weekend I was killing time in a local CVS browsing the hair care section for eye catching packaging, and I was drawn to a product collection called got2b. The funky brand of hair products is owned by German personal care company, Henkel, and has fully embraced the idea of shrink sleeve packaging. Products in the hair care line include everything from hairsprays to putty, mousses, and styling gels.


Among the top 5 appealing characteristics for packaging is product shape, and shrink is the ideal way to package an oddly shaped bottle. One of the traits that attracted me to got2b’s packaging was their use of different shaped bottles than is typical for hair care products. Check out the variety of bottles in the photo above and notice the shapes ranging from something curvaceous to an inverted cone shape. Each product in the line sports a different color pallet, some of them with a modern looking gradient backsplash like in the pink and blue bottles above. Though the got2b products do vary in bottle shape, color pallet and design, they do maintain a certain level of consistency with the placement of the text and overall look. They have also embraced the value packaging trend that we blogged about in the past, by including hanging charms on some of their bottles.


For more information on shrink sleeves, visit our website by clicking here!  

Honey Comb Packaging

02/28/2012 by Ashley (comments: 2)

Honey Moon mead packaging

Honey Moon mead packaging

When you hear the phrase honeymoon, I’ll bet you think of a newlywed couple vacationing in the tropics for a week. I bet you would not associate it with honey harvesting, but that is precisely the inspiration for Honey Moon’s honey flavored mead. Apparently, the first full moon in the month of June is the optimal time to harvest honey which is how it got nicknamed the “honey moon.”


Honey Moon mead and wine company hired graphic designer Lauren Golembiewski to create packaging for their promotional bottle of honey flavored mead. Since it was made from honey and would be distributed around the first of June, the honey comb packaging is an ideal fit. Each bottle of honey mean is wrapped with a label printed with a honey comb pattern and die cut edges to mimic the organic shape of a honey comb. In addition, each bottle is sealed with an healthy amount of golden wax sealant and topped with a honey dipper shaped cork stopper. The designer has also subtly incorporated two small bee graphics hovering over the o’s in the word moon, so as to not have them overpower the honeycomb design. Fantastic honey packaging to both Honey Moon and Lauren Golembiewski!


What other interesting honey product packaging have you noticed as we inch closer to spring weather?

Hot Sauce Celebrates Queen’s Jubilee

02/24/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Tabasco Diamond Jubilee packaging

Tabasco Diamond Jubilee packaging

February 6th marked the Queen of England’s 60th year on the throne, also making it the celebration year of her Diamond Jubilee. You might not expect to see a hot sauce company celebrating the Jubilee with themed packaging, but the Tabasco company UK branch has done just that! To commemorate their queen’s diamond year, the company is producing about 500 thousand limited edition folding boxes for their hot sauce bottles with a sparkling finish.


Among the limited edition bottles, one will have a white insert beneath the cap to signify it as the winning bottle. The winner will be awarded a diamond, in honor of the Diamond Jubilee, worth about 15 thousand pounds (about thirty thousand dollars) from UK jeweler William and Son! Each diamond tabasco folding box is printed with a red and blue patterned backsplash, meant to mirror the British flag. Printed over that background are a variety of glistening red and blue tinted diamond graphics. Smaller crystal diamond graphic are printed along the white border outlining the flag pattern for a box that is nothing less than dazzling. What they have kept the same as the traditional packaging, however, is the center logo. I think it was smart of the company to leave this logo alone, the maintain brand recognition for its customers.


The diamond filled boxes will be distributed in UK stores starting in May, closer to the spring celebration of the queen’s rein.  

Plastic for Peanuts

02/23/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Planters old packaging Planters new plastic packaging

Planters Peanuts old packaging (left) and new packaging (right)

To ward off mid morning hunger, I am notorious for turning to peanuts or almonds. They are a quick snackable source of protein that can easily be stored in my purse when I am on the go. Since I do often bring them on the go, a lightweight container is an absolute must! American snack food company, Planters, has recently announced some new lighter weight packaging for their dry roasted peanut products ideal for on the go snackers such as myself.


Announced in early February, Planters debuted their new sustainable plastic packaging for their dry roasted peanuts. The packaging is an improvement from their former glass container as it is completely recyclable and healthier by being BPA free. In addition, the company boasts that the new plastic container used 84% less material measured by weight and should reduce the amount of product transportation trucks by a quarter! Besides the container material change, the only drastic change to the look of the container is that it has a curvier hourglass shape now rather than a cylindrical tube.


For more information on the new sustainable peanut packaging, visit the Planters webpage. 

Same Company, New Brand & Packaging

02/22/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

gud packaging designgud packaging design back

gud packaging design front & back

When I think of Burt’s Bees packaging design, I think of a yellow honeycomb background pattern with red, white and black accents (logo below). Would you have guessed, however, that the containers in the top photo are also created by the natural skincare company? The line is called “güd from Burt’s Bees” and it is a completely new brand under the almost 30 year old company. Skincare products in the new line include the typical shampoo/conditioner along with body washes, mists and lotions. The scents, however, sway from the companies traditional scents to more daring fragrances including Orange Petalooza, Floral Cherrynova and Vanilla Flame!

Burt's Bees logo

Another thing that is drastically different for the new brand is the packaging. Burt's Bees has updated their look for a younger more modern audience by introducing a crisp white background and bright patterned colors. They have done a good job in keeping the natural theme alive through a floral design, while making it contemporary with the color pallets and subtle pattern variance on each flower petal. Also, notice that a smartphone scanable QR code has been included on the reverse side of the product packaging; a first for the company. By scanning the code consumers can receive product information, coupons and fun wallpaper directly to their smartphone!


If you are interested in picking up a product from their “güd” line, they can be found at Target retail stores or at gü

Powerful Cleaner, Powerful Label

02/21/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Better Life label art

Better Life label art

When it comes to personal cleaning products, we all want something strong and powerful to protect us from unwanted germs. But what about a powerful product that is made with all natural ingredients? Natural cleaning product company, Better Life, offers a variety of items from soaps to stainless steel polish to provide a powerful yet safe clean.


My favorite packaging among the product lines has to be the labels used in their line of hand soaps & lotions. Better Life recruited Halski Studio design studio to create the label artwork. Each soap or lotion is sold in 12 oz pump bottle with a fantastically designed wrap around label. I love how the designer matched the graphics to the product name yet made the entire collection be cohesive through the color pallet and graphic style. For example, one of their soaps is named “Go Forth & Conquer” and the label art portrays two strong mirroring birds that might be found on a family crest. They also have a lotion called “Work It Own It” with various bold colored lightning bolts as a backsplash, and a lotion called “Cool Calm Collected” with tranquil flower art.


Check out the packaging for some other household cleaning products in our Household Cleaners Go Green blog!

Absolut London

02/17/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Absolut London bottle design

Absolut London bottle design

Vodka empire Absolut has released another version of their world renowned spirit, and this time it has a British theme. The company hired UK based artist, Jamie Hewlett, to design the limited edition London bottle of vodka with an edgy look.


Blue designs of major London landmarks create the backdrop for the design including the London Eye Ferris wheel and Big Ben clock tower. Brown and white cartoon style characters were placed in the foreground of the artwork representing major London figures and styles over the years. Among the characters is writer Charles Dickens, a traditional dandy with a bowler hat, and other various people sporting London fashion trends such as the punk and mod style. If you are interested in purchasing a bottle of this British vodka, it can be found at UK online stores Selfridges & Co and Harvey Nichols.


Check out past city inspired Absolut bottle designs in our previous blog including Boston, New Orleans and Los Angeles.

Full Bottle Wine Shrink Sleeve

02/16/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Angioletta shrink sleeve

Angioletta shrink sleeve

We noticed that shrink sleeves have begun trending in the wine industry, as we blogged about in our previous blog Local Winery Embraces Shrink. Wine distribution company, Wein-Bauer Inc, has been distributing wine, beer and spirits for over thirty years. I recently came across a new white wine of theirs that is packaged in none other than a shrink sleeve!


The shrink sleeve for “Angioletta,” an Italian white wine, was created by design & branding firm Kaleidoscope. Each sleeve features the name of the wine printed in an elegant auburn script against a sunset colored gradient backsplash. The firm made the design bright and glowing and created a simple white butterfly as the trademark to dot the “I”. In addition, they have mimicked the butterfly graphic in multiples at the neck of the shrink sleeve to transition the gradient from orange to yellow to white. I love how the “Angioletta” shrink sleeve covers the entire bottle, including the cap, for a sleek smooth allover look.


Did you know that Dion has the capability to print shrink sleeves like the one used on the wine bottle above? Check out our recent Press Release: Dion Label Printing Installs Shrink Sleeve Equipment for more information!

Jack Daniel’s Winter Shrink Sleeve

02/15/2012 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Jack Daniel's Winter Jack shrink sleeve

Jack Daniel's Winter Jack shrink sleeve

Just in time for the winter weather, Jack Daniel’s has been released a new product bundled in a winter coat to keep it warm in the form of a shrink sleeve! The newest packaging for their “Winter Jack Apple Whiskey Punch” has dropped the traditional black Jack Daniel’s label in favor of a shrink sleeve designed by Stranger and Stranger.


Each whiskey bottle shape has maintained its same original shape, as well as the general design and layout of the text framed nicely by curling borders. What is different, however, is that the centered circular “Old No. 7” logo has been replaced with a gold printed log cabin with gently falling snow. Also the text is now printed in black to pop nicely against the snowy white shrink sleeve. Printed on the shrink sleeve, in a muted color, is the design of a winters day complete with snow covered trees, horse & buggy and log cabin. Did you know that Dion Label Printing has the capability to print sleeves like the one used for the “Winter Jack”? Check out our recent Press Release about the instillation of new shrink sleeve equipment.


Check out some other spirit shrink sleeve packaging in our past Nightclub Inspired Shrink Sleeves blog!