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Vermouth Makes a Comeback with Rouge Gorge

02/24/2017 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 0)

Rouge Gorge

Rouge Gorge

Rouge Gorge is the latest brainchild of Les Vergers Lafrance, an apple orchard with three generations of history. In addition to their ciders, they decided to take on a classic spirit, vermouth, and put their own spin on it. Rouge Gorge was born, a cider vermouth.

Rouge Gorge

Rouge Gorge

Les Vergers Lafrance worked with Montreal-based design studio Polygraphe to design their label. The objective was to create a label that payed homage to the spirit’s history, without appearing dated. The label looks to have a matte, brilliant white paper material base. Rouge Gorge is printed in black on an angle, front and center in a vintage-inspired font. The text is highlighted with a gold stamp, tying in with the frame around the text. Inside the frame, with the text there is a burst and filigree design that casts a slight shadow over the white background, this can be replicated with a selective varnish. Here, the label takes a witty turn. The remainder of the label is illustrated with blue outlines of branches, leaves and a robin. When you take a closer look, the illustration is actually a paint by number. Only the robin, the symbol of this vermouth, is partially filled in in red. A cheeky nod to the vermouth’s name, Rouge Gorge (red throat, en francais). The result is a high-end, eye-catching design with subtle features, a pleasant surprise when you take a moment to look further.

There are many decorative options available to enhance your label. Speak to one of our sales representatives today to find out more!

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