Traits of a Great Wine Label

03/01/2017 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 1)

Traits of a Great Wine Label

Traits of a Great Wine Label

Wine drinkers, especially those recently introduced to the market have been found to base their purchase on label design. The standard characteristics consumers are looking for in a label are unique, creative, and colorful designs. These characteristics are mostly subjective, so where do you go from here?

Texture: Creating a sensory experience for a consumer will create a stronger bond between them and your product, touching a product creates a sense of ownership which in turn will likely lead to purchase. The texture of your label can affect the perception of the quality of your product as well. A linen or estate material with a matte finish can create a high-end or organic look, depending on your artwork. A film material with a matte or gloss lamination can create a modern and sleek or young and fresh look, depending on your artwork. The trick is to be aware of the image you are creating, not only with artwork. (Also, does your label need to be waterproof? A beautiful label is useless if it is floating in an ice bucket.)

Die cut: A die cut that is exclusive to your product is another way to create an automatic awareness on the shelf. Your product will not only be more noticeable, but will also stand out in the consumer’s mind when they try to recall the unique label.

Specialty Applications: There are a number of additional high decoration features that can be added to a wine label to create a special look. To name a few: cold stamping, hot stamping, embossing. And if you are on a budget, or the previous features don’t fit your brand look, a simulated metallic can be added to your label.

Simplicity: Limit your graphics and font usage, a cluttered label’s message will quickly get lost in the fray. A well thought out label with a direct message is more likely to make an impact. Why say it in ten words if you can say it in four?

Let us know why you love your favorite wine’s label design below!

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Comment by June Carney | 2017-03-01

Good article, Amelia!