Eye-Catching Decorative Options: Hot Stamping

03/09/2017 by Amelia Stasky (comments: 0)

Dion Naturals - Hot Stamping

Dion Naturals - Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a process in which foil is transferred to a material surface by a hot stamping die. The die is heated then sandwiches the foil into the material. This relatively simple process adds a decorative aspect to your label and can be incorporated into your label design as it has a sharp, crisp appearance. Hot stamping will create a slightly raised surface and depending on your varnish, a matte or gloss metallic finish. It can be applied to both smooth and textured materials, making it a highly versatile decorative option in the label printing world. In addition to using hot stamping as a decorative finish to create a high-end, luxury look, it can also be used as a security or anti-counterfeiting measure.

In house, we carry a variety of hot stamping colors including gold and silver foil. If you project requires a more specific color, you our team can assist picking out the perfect hot stamp foil.

You can find hot stamping on:

  • Craft Beer Labels
  • Wine Labels
  • Spirits Labels
  • Food Labels
  • Health and Beauty Labels
  • Candle Labels

Are you interested in seeing some samples of hot stamping? Request a sample packet today!

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