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“Bring Back the Bar” Soap Labels

2014-07-25 19:04 by Elena (comments: 0)

London Fields Soap Company

London Fields Soap Company

London Fields Soap Company

London Fields Soap Company had a mission to “bring back the bar” with quality, handmade soaps that are both good for you and the environment.  They used only the best ingredients they could find and made their soaps in small handmade batches in their East London location of Hackney.  According to Tabitha Kleinert, the founder of London Fields Soap, “We always want to make our soaps from only the best ingredients. In many instances those ingredients are good enough to eat.”

London Fields Art-deco Labels

London Fields Art-deco Labels

London Fields chose One Darnley Road, a design firm with a goal of “making great ideas work hard for our clients,” to design their clean and modern Art-Deco patterned designs. London Fields wanted a label that represented their modern brand but also their classic handmade product. One Darnley Road achieved the design goals by using a classic black and white label that incorporated contemporary artistic design elements.  Each label has a white bordered center square with the London Fields Company name in small clean capitol font, while the word soap is demanding with a large, bold font. The variety of the soap is listed at the bottom of the white square in an elegant script.  Each background has a patterned black modern Art-Deco design to tie in the modern brand with the other classic elements of the label. The designers worked hard to combine all the design elements discussed for an imaginative and alluring label.


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The Mountains in a Bottle

2014-02-12 19:52 by Elena (comments: 0)

Juniper Ridge

Juniper RidgeJuniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge is a wilderness perfume making company based on the west coast. Their company has seen immense growth since their start in 1998, yet still maintains the heart of their business. According to their website, “We’re hikers and backpackers, not fashion or luxury –industry types. We distill colognes and perfumes from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings found hiking the backcountry.”


Juniper Ridge chose to partner with Chen Design Associates for new branding and packaging of their unique fragrances. Chen’s goal was to combine a sophisticated design with elements of the outdoors. Textured looking papers and subtle natural colored elements give each label in Juniper’s product line a sense of ruggedness balanced with strong qualities. The classic bold font printed in black or soft white helps tie in a vintage element to these labels. The position of the labels varies from horizontal to vertical from one product line to another. Each label contains a minimal amount of detail which hints towards the simplicity of the product. Each bottle also has a unique harvest number stamped in bright red to indicate when the product was harvested. Natural elements, simple fonts, and subtle colors create a delicate balance that help the true luxury and quality of this product stand out. 


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Meryl Santopietro’s Simply Spotless New York

2014-01-15 17:29 by Elena (comments: 0)

Safe and Effective Cleaning Products

Simply SpotlessSimply Spotless

After over twenty years in the interior design business, Meryl Santopietro recognized a need for cleaning products that were highly effective yet safe enough to protect the things her customers loved. Meryl and her two daughters, Alessandra and Joy, teamed up with skilled chemists to create an environmentally friendly cleaning product company called Simply Spotless New York

When designing the labels for Simply Spotless New York, the Santopietro girls kept in mind that they wanted their products to be openly displayed on countertops.  They wanted something eye catching yet luxurious to display their unique product. Each of the four cleaning labels were printed with a special grey and white background design and simple black lettering.  The wood cleaner label has a grey and white faded looking background mimicking wood grains, while the fabric cleaner has a clean grey and white lined image.  The two more contemporary designs are the hand cleaner and glass cleaner, sporting a spotted and zig-zag grey and white background. Keeping luxury in mind, the labels were designed with minimal wording in clean small black font. These uniquely packaged products are certainly worthy of being displayed on countertops.


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Arboris Fading Cosmetics Labels

2013-11-11 13:11 by Elena (comments: 0)

Unique and Innovative Packaging

Arboris Label

Arboris Fading Label

Arboris Organic Cosmetics is a skin care and cosmetics brand that uses only natural and organic ingredients. Arboris knew they needed a designer who would recognize the quality of their organic product. They chose Ohmybrand, a Russian designer based in Moscow, who cleverly succeeded at displaying the components of the premium brand. Because Arboris uses all natural ingredients, only vegetables to be exact, they tend to lose freshness quicker than your average cosmetics products. The short shelf life prompted Ohmybrand to seek out a specialty ink for the labels that would fade over time and give consumers a visual when the Arboris creams were losing freshness.  

Arboris Faded Label

Arboris Faded Label

The materials chosen for the cosmetics labels had to be unique yet natural looking to make an unparalleled product like Arboris’s stand out.  The black ink smudge graphic allows the black and white label to pop out.  The simple black font gives the label a classic feel while the textured paper gives the label a sense of quality and richness. Utilizing a white label combined with the black containers, black ink and accents creates a bold effect that is sure to catch the eyes of health and beauty consumers.


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Family Owned Café Gets New Branding & Packaging

2013-10-23 16:00 by Elena (comments: 0)

No. Six Depot Roastery and Café

No. Six Depot Products

No. Six Depot Products

No. Six Depot recently chose Perky Bros LLC, a reputable branding and design office, to re-brand their packaging and website. No. Six Depot is a roastery and café that originated in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts with a mission to “Keep it simple and make it true.” The three main product groups No. Six Depot sells are coffees, teas, and sea salts.  As a small family owned company, they take pride in their work and are strongly recognized for their efforts of sourcing only natural ingredients and traveling to their sources to observe their growers and harvesters. No. Six Depot has traveled as far as Asia and Africa for observation of their harvesters and growers.  

 No. Six Depot Embossed Label

No. Six Depot Embossed Label

No. Six Depot’s new labels sport a clean font with boxes around points of the label creating a contemporary and modern feel. The printed textured paper and tamper seal labels instill a sense of quality in the product. Perky Bros took their creativity even further when designing the coffee bag labels by embossing the number six in the background of the label. The white labels with neutral and pastel accents seem to mimic the brands natural ingredients and help No. Six Depot display their message of simple yet true products.


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Stand Up Pouching Stands Out

2013-06-04 14:31 by Gianna Abbondanza (comments: 0)

Smooch pureed snacks

Resealable plastic upright pouches have become popular for ready to drink beverages. Next Generation Snacks Limited has launched their new line of pureed snacks called Smooch, which use this type of pouch packaging. Smooch is a new type of healthy pureed snack that is available in three flavors: Apple/Raspberry/Peach, Mango/Pineapple/Banana, and Strawberry/Blueberry/Banana. The product is 100% natural, vegan friendly, and is fortified with chia seeds and acerola which are superfoods packed with Omega-3 and Vitamin C.

Smooch stand up pouches

Smooch stand up pouches

Above is a photo of the stand up pouches designed by Biles Inc. The logo for Smooch is fittingly formed into the shape of a mouth and is placed diagonally along the front of the pouch. Bold white text is fitted into the logo and other product information is included along the bottom curve of the mouth shaped logo. Behind the text are brightly colored fruit backgrounds based on the puree variety. A small lime shape in the top left corner is included to identify the product as 100% natural. The pouches also have color-coordinating caps which make the flavors easy to distinguish.

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Project 7 Expands to Shrink Sleeve Packaging

2012-11-01 20:06 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Project 7 gum and mint packaging

Project 7 gum and mint packaging

Remember when we blogged about the company Project 7? They took the 7 deadly sins such as gluttony, or overindulging in food, but instead focused on ways to help the hungry. The seven areas they focus on to improve are: heal, save, house, feed, quench, teach, and hope. We blogged about their product line of water in the past but they have since then come out with numerous other products with some awesome packaging.

Project 7 coffee packaging

Project 7 coffee packaging

Some of their newer product collections include sugar free gum and mints, along with coffee and apparel. Check out the top photo and notice that shrink sleeve technology has been used for both of the products. The gum packaging utilizes a clear shrink sleeve with colored graphic while the mints have colored backgrounds with white accents. Each flavor of gum or mint is also dedicated to a unique cause. For example the gum above is from their “save the earth” project dedicated to taking care of the planet through eco-friendly actions. They also have a line of coffee (bottom photo) packaged in shiny silver cans with similar artwork to the other products.


Check out our previous blog, “A Campaign for Every Cause” with some other examples of cause packaging.

All Natural Deodorant Stands Out

2012-10-04 17:23 by Ashley (comments: 0)


GeoDeo Packaging redesign

GeoDeo Packaging redesign

You will find many different deodorants at a store, so having stand out packaging is important. All natural deodorant company, GeoDeo, is created their products from several organic ingredients such as volcanic minerals, enzymes, vitamin E, aloe, bamboo and Icelandic algae. Earlier this year, they rolled out their product collection with some new eye-catching packaging for the three varieties: ocean, island, and unscented.

GeoDeo old packaging design

GeoDeo old packaging design

The top photo is the new packaging for the collection and the bottom photo is the old packaging design. Notice that they have switched to a deep brown container with vibrant colors as opposed to the previous pale yellow container. They have also selected a much more modern design for their labels utilizing a wavy pattern with silver accents and small leaf graphics for an organic feel. Also, the natural deodorant is marketed as being aluminum free as clearly marked on the old packaging container. The new packaging still advertises this feature but gives it a more sophisticated name: “Detox Complex.” Overall they have done a great job with updating their packaging for a modern look.


Also, check out this all natural line of cleaning soaps in our previous blog, “Powerful Cleaner, Powerful Label.”

Prehistoric Cookie Comeback!

2011-07-08 18:01 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Caveman Cookies food labels

With all of the prepackaged health foods today, from power bars to slimming shakes, do you ever wonder how people use to get through life without them? Well, they ate natural, whole, nutrient packed foods which are the foundation foods for the paleolithic diet. Did have you ever read the ingredients list for one of those packaged protein bars? I would bet there are about 20 different ingredients, 15 of which you cannot even pronounce! The paleolithic diet, also known as the caveman’s diet, consists of eating only natural foods that the caveman would have eaten at the beginning of time. On the list is pasture raised meats, fish, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Fans of the diet boast that the diet helps them to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain their energy as compared to how they felt when eating the prepackaged foods popular today.


The natural company, Caveman Bakery, has created a line of cookies based on the caveman diet principals. Available in three varieties, all cookies are gluten free and are only made with about four ingredients! The three varieties are Tropical (macadamia nuts and coconut), Alpine (hazelnuts and chocolate), and Original (oatmeal raisin). The Tropical sound absolutely delicious to me! The labels, which first attracted me to the product, are just adorable and certain to catch the attention of your children (if they are going to ask for cookies why not a healthy cookie)? Designed by Kristina Sacci, the three types each show an image of a cartoon inspired caveman eating one of the cookies. The cavemen are dressed to match the variety (the tropical caveman’s wearing a lei and the alpine caveman dons earmuffs). I love how the company title was placed inside the caveman’s open mouth and the clever phrase printed on top of the label, “Just like your great, great, great, great, great…grandmother used to make!”


To read more about these caveman cookies check out the articles from Woman’s Day, Serious Eats: New York, and Epicurious.

Honeydrop Seeks to ‘Bee’ Noticed!

2011-06-14 15:15 by Ashley (comments: 0)

Honeydrop new label design

Honey has been getting a lot of press lately as a healthier substitute compared to sugar. Not only is honey much more natural, but it is sweeter than sugar so it can be used in smaller quantities! Honeydrop, founded back in 2009, decided to play off these healthy honey facts by creating their own honey sweetened organic drink line. The line of teas is made up of six different flavors including blueberry, blood orange, lemon tea, green tea, chamomile tea, and lemon ginger tea.

Though the brand has found success, they wanted to better emerge themselves in the organic community by redesigning their packaging. They hired design firm Monday Collective and the company created a simple packaging design. The once plastic bottle was changed to glass and the two toned paper label was switched to a clear film material with minimalist art design. I love everything about the new Honeydrop packaging design from the font swap to the bee graphic being altered to pop off the bottle. Though the title still reads “Honeydrop” across the label, the phrase “Powered by Honey” was added below the title for added consumer appeal. Subtle additions to the packaging also make it stand out such as the text “From the Bees to the Bottle” that was added to every twist off cap, or the bee graphic imprinted into the top of each glass bottle to mimic the logo.


For more on this packaging redesign check out the Before & After article from The Dieline.